Sony Launches PS5 Update with Discord Integration and 1440p Enhancements

Sony has just released version 7 of the PS5 software update that includes the much-awaited Discord integration, allowing PS5 owners to join Discord calls directly from their consoles. In addition to this, the update features several improvements, Sony Launches PS5 Update with Discord Integration 1440p

Sony Launches PS5

Discord Integration

With the new PS5 update, players can now use the Discord app on their mobile devices or PC to transfer Discord calls to their consoles. While the process is similar to what Microsoft launched for Xbox last year, it still requires an external device to initiate the call. Once the call is transferred, players can join in on voice conversations with friends across various platforms, including Xbox, PC, and more. This integration is particularly useful for crossplay games, where players can now communicate with their friends on other platforms without relying on in-game chat features.

1440p Enhancements

The PS5’s 1440p mode has received significant improvements in this update, with Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) now enabled for 1440p, resulting in smoother visual performance in games. Sony has also expanded the 1440p mode to support more modes and HDMI devices, making it compatible with more monitors.

Voice Command Support

Sony has also enhanced its voice command support with the new update, allowing players in the US and UK to use voice commands like “Hey PlayStation, capture that!” to save a video clip of their gameplay. Moreover, players can now request custom-timed clips, such as “capture the last 5 minutes.”

Data Transfer and Social Features

The PS5 update also includes a new option that allows players to transfer data and games between PS5 consoles via a local Wi-Fi or LAN connection. This feature is a welcome addition for players who may have multiple consoles and want to transfer their data easily. Additionally, Sony has improved the social aspects of the share screen feature and party chats inside the PS5 dashboard, making it easier for players to see which friends are currently playing a game.


Sony’s latest PS5 software update brings several new features that enhance the console’s functionality and user experience. The Discord integration, in particular, is a significant addition that allows players to communicate with their friends across platforms seamlessly. With improvements to 1440p resolution, voice command support, data transfer, and social features, the PS5 continues to cement its position as one of the most advanced gaming consoles in the market today.