Real Estate Drone Companies: Best One for Your Property

Real Estate Drone Companies Drones are becoming an essential tool for real estate marketing. They can capture stunning aerial views of a property and its surroundings, highlighting its features and advantages. Drones can also create engaging videos that showcase the property from different angles and perspectives, giving potential buyers a better sense of what it would be like to live there.

But not all drones are created equal, and not all drone pilots are qualified to fly them safely and legally. If you want to use drones for real estate photography and video, you need to choose a reputable and professional drone company that can deliver high-quality results while complying with all the rules and regulations.

In this article, we will help you find the best real estate drone company for your property by answering some common questions and providing some tips and advice.

Real Estate Drone Companies

What are the benefits of using drones for real estate?

Using drones for real estate has many benefits, both for sellers and buyers. Here are some of them:

  • Drones can showcase the entire property and land. Drones can fly over large areas and capture images that show the size, shape, layout, boundaries, landscaping, amenities, and features of a property. This can help buyers appreciate the value and potential of a property better than static photos or ground-level videos.
  • Drones can highlight the neighborhood and surrounding area. Drones can also zoom out and show how a property fits into its environment. They can reveal the proximity to nearby attractions, facilities, services, schools, parks, roads, waterways, etc. This can help buyers understand how convenient or desirable a location is for their lifestyle or needs.
  • Drones can show the views from the house. Drones can fly up to different heights and angles and show what kind of views a house offers from its windows or balconies. This can help buyers imagine themselves living in the house and enjoying its scenery.
  • Drones can tell the whole story of the house. Drones can create dynamic videos that take viewers on a virtual tour of a house. They can start from outside and fly through the front door, then move around each room and highlight its features. They can also transition smoothly from indoors to outdoors or vice versa. This can help buyers get a more realistic feel of how spacious or cozy a house is.
  • Drones can set you apart as an agent. Using drones for real estate marketing shows that you are innovative, professional, and tech-savvy. It also shows that you care about presenting your properties in their best light possible. This can help you attract more clients, generate more leads, and sell faster.

When should you use drones for real estate?

You should use drones for real estate whenever you want to showcase your properties in an impressive way that captures attention and interest from potential buyers.

However, some properties may benefit more from drone photography and video than others.

For example, you should definitely use drones for:

  1. Luxury properties: Drones can highlight the elegance, quality, and exclusivity of high-end homes and estates. They can also show off the amenities, features, and views that make them stand out from other properties in their price range.
  2. Properties on acreage: Drones can show the extent, diversity, and beauty of large parcels of land that may have multiple structures, facilities, or natural elements on them. They can also show how well-maintained or developed they are.
  3. Properties with unique architecture: Drones can showcase the design, style, and craftsmanship of houses that have distinctive shapes, curves, angles, or details. They can also reveal how they blend with or contrast with their surroundings.
  4. Properties with scenic locations: Drones can capture the stunning views, landscapes

How to choose a drone company for real estate?

Choosing a drone company for real estate is not a simple task. You need to consider several factors, such as:

The quality of their drones and cameras. 

You want a drone company that uses high-end drones and cameras that can capture crisp, clear, and stable images and videos in 4K resolution or higher. You also want a drone company that has drones with features like obstacle avoidance, GPS tracking, return-to-home, and intelligent flight modes that can help them fly safely and smoothly.

  • The experience and certification of their pilots. You want a drone company that has licensed and insured pilots who have passed the FAA Remote Pilot Certificate exam and follow all the rules and regulations for flying drones commercially. You also want a drone company that has experienced pilots who know how to operate drones in different weather conditions, locations, and scenarios.
  • The portfolio and reputation of their work. You want a drone company that has a portfolio of previous real estate projects that showcase their skills and style. You also want a drone company that has positive reviews and testimonials from past clients who were satisfied with their work.
  • The price and value of their services. You want a drone company that offers competitive prices for their services without compromising on quality or professionalism. You also want a drone company that offers value-added services like editing, post-processing, hosting, or marketing of your aerial photos and videos.

To find the best drone company for your real estate needs, you can do some research online, ask for referrals from other agents or clients, or contact some local drone companies and request quotes and samples of their work.


Using drones for real estate photography and video is an effective way to market your properties and impress your clients.

However, you need to choose a reliable and professional drone company that can deliver high-quality results while complying with all the rules and regulations.

By following the tips and advice in this article, you can find the best drone company for your real estate needs.